Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 8.36.41 PMThe Fine Art of Seduction – Richard shows his skills to Holland’s most culturally adventurous tv channel

This exploration of Richard at work by Holland’s radical channel follows two shy, raw pupils of our pick-up artist through a full Seduction Bootcamp. The viewpoint is one of extreme curiosity – as with thousands of blushing, sweating men worldwide, who wonder how a guy like this gets hot girls with seemingly effortless ease. Can you actually learn always to know the right thing to say? The film will also be aired at this year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Canal+French TV investigates Richard and “la communaute des pick up artist”!

France’s top TV station Canal+ spent days with Richard and his team as he worked hard to transform misfit Daniel from chump into playa – with resounding success. The show is very slickly produced and well worth a look, particularly for the uniquely French take on Richard. Watch Video

CurrentTaglineCurrent TV – Seduction School

Current TV – Seduction School.

fiverFiver – Best Friend’s Rehab arranges a Masterclass with Gambler for a diffident mate

In a TV Masterclass where close friends insist on life-changing makeovers for their mates, Gambler and Kezia work intensively with Simon on his love-life. Simon thinks he is too tall and accordingly lacks confidence. But in fact, as with a lot of people, an hour’s concentrated training fixed him up and he later went on to do extremely well at dating.

undercover_princesUndercover Princes on BBC 3 – the PUA Training team become the first PUAs to train royalty

Three real-life princes go under cover to experience the life of a commoner in Britain. The PUA Training team work to show them how to attract women without relying on the obvious advantage of their status. Day Game training and the challenge of getting phone numbers from women in the street is the crucial place to start. With just a few hours’ training the trio are confidently making number closes. And for one girl, her prince really has come when a real relationship actually develops from one approach.

mums_mansionBBC 3 – Young Mums’ Mansion: Gambler helps ten Single Dads to close!

It begins as a filmed social experiment where ten single mums and their twelve children move into a mansion to see if living together can improve their lives. Into this maelstrom steps Gambler – and ten single dads with romantic drives but rusty seduction skills. Gambler’s role is to work effectively with the single dads to give them a big surge in confidence and quickly renew their seduction skills. All his achievements are essential to the success of this critically acclaimed BBC series.

gmtvGMTV’S Lorraine Kelly zooms in on a unique quality in Richard’s teachings

Lorraine invited Gambler into the studio for this full interview live to six million viewers. It’s interesting as one of the most extended and personal interviews Richard has done. Interesting nightclub footage, too, of Richard fine-tuning his students’ approaches. The key to a good conversation with a beautiful woman, Richard stresses, is to make clear in your mind beforehand exactly what kind of woman you want – then approach with questions that will show if she’s the one.

It’s a different drive behind the conversation, one that takes away pressure on the woman too – she’s used to men bearing down on her with an automatic smile, already decided they want her number. A woman on the dance floor with her friends doesn’t want a heavy come-on, she wants a light, interesting chat she can pick up and continue later. Yes, Lorraine points out, Californian and American chat-up lines have been done, what Britain needs is to learn this more natural art of seduction. Watch the video

nuts_tvRich injects some cool into a rowdy interview on Nuts TV

It’s just not true that Rich’s surname is “Ruin Her”, as this Nuts TV presenter teases him about his renowned seduction skills. The bottom line of all the banter is that Richard quickly had the show’s gawky researcher getting girls’ numbers from cold approaches in the street. Talk about turning your life around. Watch video

dragonsGambler pitches his unique entrepreneurial idea on BBC 2′s Dragons’ Den

It’s quite a den of dragons to walk into, this TV show, but Gambler’s entrepreneurial pitch there way back in 2009 was a landmark for it meant Gambler had now been featured on all of the five terrestrial TV stations in the United Kingdom. In 2009, The Dragons were impressed with the company’s finances (revenues of £540,000 in the previous year) but rather less impressed with the essential concept of PUA training. One Dragon said his partner would kill him if he financed this!

capriceGambler joins the commentary team for Big Brother

A live appearance by Gambler on E4′s Big Brothers Little Brother, to give his take on all the goings on in the UK’s Big Brother series. It’s not every guy who gets the chance to seduce fellow-panelist Caprice, and it’s not every guy who succeeds, but Richard managed to “woo” Caprice with disarming tactics.

the_rules_of_seductionThe Rules Of Seduction – Gambler on the Channel 4 show that first blew the lid on the UK’s secret Pick Up Artist community

As Europe’s top seduction tutor, Richard was invited to appear in The Rules of Seduction, the original Channel 4 show that first blew the lid on the secret world of UK’s Pick Up community. Push-pull techniques, one-minute kiss closes and orgies of eye-contact maintenance are woven through the human interest stories of the individual Wannabes Richard is training – many of whom have the same sad starting-point in love that he did.


mirrorLeading UK pick up artist says he doesn’t know how Julien Blanc sleeps at night

17th Nov, 2014 – Richard shows UK Tabloid The Mirror just how positive Gaming can be for men. Read more.

theguardianI took a class on how to pick up women. I learned more about male anxiety

23rd Nov 2014 – This Guardian piece on Richard, at the height of the Pick-Up Artist visa controversy, generated more than 1,300 comments! Read more.

whitsundaycoastguardianChat-up king has put his top tips in dating book

14th Feb 2013 – East Coast Australian newspaper gives a digest of Richard’s best tips. Read more.

sexpediaHow (not) to seduce a woman

Epoca Brazil. 13 March 2012 – Rio De Janeiro’s O Globo weighs the merits of Richard’s techniques. Read more.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 4.34.52 PMJust published and here reviewed: Richard’s latest book

Wales Online did a full review of Richard’s book here. Continue reading

sunshinecoastdailyOn the eve of The Natural’s publication in Australia, Richard talks in depth to the Sunshine Coast’s most read newspaper

This is a big spread to please both new and long-loyal fans, since it covers both Richard’s dynamic early transformation of his success in love, and also gives insights and tips from his experience, right up to the minute. It’s only from pursuing experience of women continually, Rich stresses, that you get the self-knowledge to form a clear picture of the ideal woman for you – as well as maximizing your fun along the way.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 8.18.15 PMSpread on Richard in Brazilian’s most prominent newspaper O Globo

In this interview with the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, Richard introduces his “technicas de seducao” as the Portuguese call it.

nyp-logo-230x32New York Post screams, “‘Sleep with them all’ – Dating coach tells how to remake The Bachelor!”

Richard teaches the fast-moving Manhattanites some “sweet acid tests” for quickly discovering a woman’s real worth. This appeared with the publication of Gambler’s book The Natural (HarperCollins) across America. There’s an uncompromising wisdom here that reveals the phoneyness of the basic situation which The Bachelor promotes as universal. Richard’s trying to help the vulnerable guy who has it all – except for the right woman. Tell it like it is!

SMR-Celebs-Pendleton-and-OlympicsCelebs on Sunday from The Express really gets Gambler, right away

This is a surprisingly meaty and helpful new interview for a Celebrity magazine. In fact if this journalist was a student of Richard’s you’d say she got maximum value for money. It’s like a very effective complete Bluffer’s Guide to PUA, except that our Guide is instead a world expert. Enjoy.

irish independentIrish Independent – Richard’s book ranks high in this guide to Self-help Guides

Journalist Liz Kelleher found that the content of some Self-Help guides creates as many problems as it solves. But she thoroughly enjoyed and recommended The Natural Art of Seduction: “Richard La Ruina has the answers – what more could an aspiring Casanova ask for?”

DailyTelegraph-1The Daily Telegraph reviews Richard’s first book.

As the Telegraph puts it, “Richard La Ruina, the ultimate pick-up artist, shares his infallible technique for men to become irresistible to the opposite sex.”

safe_image.phpThe Times reports on Gambler’s exclusive Seduction Clinic

The Times came a long to Gambler’s exclusive clinic on Seduction at Miller’s Academy of the Arts and Sciences, and spread their report across a double page.

Evening-Herald-400x310“Women of Ireland Beware” – The Herald writes, a flood of Irishmen are learning from Gambler in London

“It might sound like the plot of a particularly cringe-worthy comedy, but the phenomenon of Pick Up artistry is a big business … For outsiders, it looks like a laughable idea, but Pick-Up artistry has spawned a massive industry across the world”. No wonder, notes the Herald, when the course Gambler’s company is offering is “the first in the world that guarantees to get you laid”.

080617_024848178_17.SundayTimesRichard shows the Australian Sunday Times why jerks always get the girl.

Trust the Aus Sunday Times to extract “something a bit different” when previewing Richard and his revolutionary training. Why do jerks always get the girl? Richard explains, “Girls like a challenge. They want to chase as well as be chased and there are ways men can take the elements of a jerk but use it honestly and to their advantage.”

It’s been at the core of Richard’s training camps down under. A new academy schools men in something a bit different. Pick Up Artists Training is run by Richard La Ruina. At 21 he had never kissed a girl. Wanting to know how to pick up women and what women wanted from…

metro-logo“Bad chat-up lines now get a red card.” Metro salutes the originality of Richard’s rejection cards.

“Hey baby, are you sure you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven? By which I mean you look like Lucifer, Lord of Darkness.” Metro salutes Gambler’s original solution to cheesy chat-up lines: the rejection cards.

Women can now give failed lotharios the boot with a penalty card of Richard’s devising: girls can tick boxes that include “personal hygeiene issues,” “lame chat-up line” and “obviously only after one thing”. It’s an idea that grew organically from Richard early resolution as a loser in love to approach women relentlessly until he finally learned how to succeed: “Far too many women never tell a guy where he is going wrong.”

logoRichard’s “Cupid Clinic” for The London Paper

Sweaty palms, churning stomach, brain-freeze. These are just some of the ways London men have described their mind-set when picking up women. And worse still, the ladies know it too… In a recent survey of women, British men scored lowest as PUAs in Europe, with at least 19 per cent lacking confidence.

Gambler knows just how hard he will have to push them at his Bootcamps: “A lot of men who come have spent their lives making excuses to not have to approach that pretty girl they see across the street, because they’re too scared of the reaction.” And afterwards? “Life’s pretty pukka.”

Cambridge_News_Logo_300Cambridge Casanova: the Evening News claims its own

Gambler was interviewed by a well known news paper in Cambridge. He lived in Cambridge for 10 years and this article is a well-written piece, detailing, amongst other things, his journey from a loser living in Cambridge to an MPUA lording it in London.

B5D9FF2A-BD41-9A2D-7E7488FA2E536E11Daily Sport illustrates Richard’s principles – with superb taste

Gambler was feaured in a centre page spread in the Daily Sport, alongside a couple of super cute and semi-naked HBs.

ekstrabladetDanish sensationalist tabloid Ekstra Bladet runs a spread on Gambler

Ekstra Bladet is renowned for its contrarist political positions, its naked babes and its support of the common man. With that in mind they offer their readership an extended conversation with Richard who doesn’t just start with the basics, but rather with what you need to achieve before you learn the basics of seduction. “If you stand there wondering why on earth a girl should be interested in you, then you’ll never get her. So you have to focus on transforming your self-belief.

Go to cooking, wine-tasting, language courses and salsa dance classes. This will make you more interesting. And crucially, more happy. Because it’s not appealing just to be a seducer, but it is appealing to be a happy man. When you’ve done that, then you can start to learn the rules of the game,” says Richard.

SoS_logoScotland on Sunday’s journalist is transformed into an Alpha Male by PUA Training

The Scotman’s Sunday feature follows the transformation of sex-author Ewen Morrison into a model PUA Training student – but not without some scruples (and vomiting) on the way. It’s a very lively, even witty account of a literate man who is already in a happy relationship, plunging into the PUA experience without personal risk but plenty of temerity.

Well known PUA Training stars like Beckster and Alex burst out of the article vividly, almost overwhelming the savvy proceedings. And what do you know? Even the student that Morrison nicknames Borderline (much as Strauss is known as Style) ends up opening sets of hot babe threesomes with a liquid series of tactics.

Evening_Standard_Logo_003Will Evening Standard dating columnist be won over on a blind date with Richard?

What will happen when this hostile hot babe journalist meets for drinks with “the man who can get 20 numbers in a day… with a despicable job, derogatory attitude “? Can two professionals at the dating game really get on?

9608A0F4-F24A-19EC-C7DE33B2E7C690DBTips from a Professional Puller for London Lite’s Wannabe

Under Gambler’s swift tuition in the streets of Soho, see how this journo takes to Natural Day Game. He’s investigating it “for the good of mankind,” you understand, to see how someone who is just “okay-looking” can achieve “the confidence of a sexual gladiator.”

As his tired technique is thoroughly overhauled, some of Rich’s most useful rules emerge: from the ABC of “Always Be Closing” to the outstanding piece of advice, “the 3-Second Rule”. And the ultimate reaction of the women he approaches? “That’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.”

daily-express-logoDaily Express: can Gambler’s course transform the sweet talk of British men?

Looking “like rabbits at a foxes’ dinner party”, a set of Bootcamp students – or “AFCs” to use one of the “Masonic” acronyms of the seduction community – are helped to overcome their sweaty-palmed embarrassment. “Men are still expected to take the lead but don’t know how to do it,” is the universal situation they find themselves in.

Gambler shows them his original field-techniques which by now have been tested by thousands of PUAs. The starting strategy is always putting women at their ease and making them laugh – which is not nearly as controversial as the seduction community is reputed to be. From the three stages of a scucessful encounter, to embracing transition anxiety and launching into Night Game, it turns out that the training teaches tremendous confidence.


bbcThe extreme misogyny of ‘pick-up artist’ hate

31st May 2014 – Richard gives the BBC an in depth briefing on the PUA controversy in the media. Read more.

viceA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

August 28, 2013 – on Richard: a Portrait of the [Pick-Up] Artist as a Young Man. Read more.

washingtonindependentrobAuthor Q&A About Love: Richard La Ruina

February 29 2012 – In Washington DC, Richard answers personal questions about Love. Read more.

PrintHow to get the girl every time

2nd July 2014 – When Mens’ Health wanted the secrets of charming women, they came to Richard. Read more.

growthbusinesslogoPick-up coach hoping to drag industry from the gutter by preaching respect for women

This Business magazine provides in-depth profile of Richard as a successful Entrepreneur. Read more.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 4.31.17 PM“Today is the first day of the rest of your sex life,” Side 3 magazine proclaims

Richard lays it on the line for this Norwegian magazine. “Usually, the guys who get lots of girls are not the good guys. The good guys don’t have enough confidence – and that’s what gives women the impression they’re not attractive. And that’s a situation that’s very unfortunate for both women and men. I change that. So it’s ironic when people say seduction training is ‘anti women’ – when actually, I help women to meet the good guys.”

ForbesFinancial organ Forbes registers Richard’s impact in mastering the art of seduction in business and life

Blue chip international business magazine Forbes acknowledges Richard’s impact on the financial world – and coins a new term, seducation, into the bargain. In this feature, Richard astutely identifies common tactics shared by the distinct sectors of seduction and the business arena.

Leadership, Comfort and Edge are essential qualities to acquire, and it’s essential to break down your acquisition of confidence into precise, rewarding goals. On a personal level, Richard has developed his unique successful brand as a pick-up artist – but how has that in itself affected him in developing relationships with women?

fhm_logoRichard tells FHM Singapore, “Your best openers make the woman laugh.”

Attracting women is a physical craft, Gambler stresses to FHM here. “”The secret to a successful approach lies in your body language. When approaching a woman in a bar, your feet should be pointing away while your face should be pointing towards her.” It may sound complicated but it infallibly makes a woman open to you: ”

Accepting this posture gets you close enough to touch, without alerting her defences.” This spread extracts ten valuable pointers from Rich, who explains how to focus on being natural, how to change your psychological model to “Alpha”; and how to affirm your worth and dispel negativity in a woman you have decided to attract. It’s a formula that works in any language, even in Singapore.

gq-logo1Richard talks Italian GQ through “La Commedia Della Seduzione”

Whether or not Seduction is a “commedia”, it has been described as the best fun you can have without laughing. Avid traveller Gambler, exploring the Italian side of his background, was asked to give GQ Italia his own informed view.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 8.14.54 PMPick-Up Artist and Martial Artist share winning strategies says Richard, expert at both.

“Methods used to attract the opposite sex can also boost your chances in combat,” explains Gambler. Rich’s martial arts sessions in gyms everywhere from Argentina to Belarus have taught him valuable strategies as a lover. As expected from an Eastern discipline, he has learned powerful psychological mechanisms of distancing and quick recovery. “One of the most important things to do is to control the amount of emotional reaction you have to any event … It’s vital you have a coping mechanism pre-planned in advance for when things go wrong: What will I do if I get into trouble? What if things go against me?

Have an answer and a back-up plan that will lead you out of the rough.” Improving as a Pick Up ArtistSeduction is like combat training, where “you only get good when you take yourself out of the comfort zone.” Your wing-man that you open sets with in a high-end night club has the same effect as a sparring partner as Richr explains: “It’s important to work with someone who has a completely different skill-set than you so their skills can rub off where you are lacking.” This is a feature that throws a very interesting new light on Richard’s achievements in making himself over from a nerd into a stud: it shows that what Richard is really teaching, behind all the skills and moves, is the art of determination.

PrintMens Health, Russia: “Online dating means men are losing face-to-face chat-up skills”

Gambler chats to Mens Health Russia about confronting your fears of a face-to-face cold approach. He’s well advanced at learning the language, by the way (nothing to do with the beauty of their women).

When the journalist admits to panic attacks, Rich remembers the experience and advises, if you do what scares you to death, you will gain confidence. ” Afterwards and not before, the writer notes wryly. However his transformation comes about when he finally realizes that not all the women he’s learned to chat up are worthy of the anxiety in the first place.

Time-out-logo2Time Out calls Gambler Britain’s answer to Neil Strauss – but a much more positive answer

Time Out’s right-on journalista could have been a really hard-sell, but Richard’s answers show the tactical advantage of continual surprise and a winning dose of common sense. The result is a piece that’s meaty with good specific advice. To learn tactics and plan their use is neither cynical or manipulative in itsself. “The socially adept person is just someone developed this skill and became comfortable with it … Someone who learns that from me would do the same, but in an accelerated way.

It’s making up for the socialization they lack. It’s only unnatural if it remains a technique.” And rather unexpectedly, Richard puts the ball back in the woman’s court: if they don’t like the idea of manipulation, he asks, then why not give the losers more of a chance? “If a guy is a bit nervous and he approaches a woman, remember that he’s covering up his good points with a nervous-loser exterior. If he’s like that with you, he’s not going to run around with other women or cheat on you with his secretary. Don’t judge so quickly.”

cosmo-logo_3Richard leads Cosmo readers through minefields of sex etiquette

A condom is the only time when a man needs a thin skin, and Rich advises women to pander to that a bit: “Make a bit of a show of hunting around for one even if you know full well you’ve got a stash under the bed. Extra points if you have to blow the dust off the packet.” He also provides some useful ways of dealing with the Oldest Question, “How many men have you slept with?”

logoPE.5626Polski Express has Richard as the cover story

Journalist Marek from the glossy Polish magazine comes from afar to take a Piccadilly Bootcamp with Richard. Some questions Marek asks are challenges. “You claim success with women is not dependent on appearance, yet your course includes fashion tips. So, do style and appearance matter or not?” Richard replies that style and grooming advice not only correct the student’s appearance, but work on him psychologically to increase his own confidence when he leaves the house.

“What would you tell guys who want to improve, but don’t want to take your course?” Richard: “Start to do lots of activities that make you more open as a person to women: yoga classes, salsa classes, cooking. You’ll meet lots of women. Talk to strangers, talk to waitresses, people in stores. Then be more courageous in your pick-up: go to a city and talk to 30 women. It’s very important that you’re not negative. If you find you are successful – enjoy it!”

estonianEstonians get to grips with Europe’s most successful seducer

There are a few rare shots of Gambler out on the town, in this double-page Estonian magazine feature which reviews his work and opinions.

trivDutch magazineTriv stresses Gambler’s importance to the Pick Up movement

This Dutch magazine that celebrates new cultural trends praises Gambler’s central role in the Pick Up movement described by Neil Strauss in’The Game’.

PrintMen’s Health: Guide to the Best Sex In the World

Gambler featured very prominently throughout this Men’s Health special which interviewed PUA experts from all over the world. In this section, Go Where the Girls Are. Rich shows just how to meet a woman on the dance floor and escalate the encounter into something much more intimate. “Mirror her dancing in an exaggerated, funny way (be careful with this one).

Once you’ve established eye contact and she’s given you some positive feedback, get closer…” Never try to have a verbal conversation on the dance floor, Rich stresses. “The goal is to escalate physically a little bit, and then lead her to a quieter location – a bar or a booth – where she’s away from her friends and you can talk”.

london_loopLondon Loop recommends Rich’s Pick Up training as the best use of Leicester Square!

Since London Loop magazine is a guide to exciting things to do in London, it follows that your best use of Leicester Square is to come and train with Europe’s most successful Master PUA.

PrintMen’s Health – Gambler advises, Manage Her Paranoia!

As a Master Gamer with a portfolio of attractions, it is necessary that you manage the paranoia of the woman in your life. Rich shows just how to do this when her suspicious eyes fall on the flirty work colleague, the Facebook fox or the sexy stranger in the restaurant. Required Reading for the Alpha Male!

The_Mayfair_Magazine_October_2012_Bremont_1_webMayfair practices pick-up with Gambler at a feminist rally!

Mayfair’s Al Puddick tears himself away from the hot issues of one-handed literature to attend Gambler’s Bootcamp: surprisingly, with students who are a complete mix of ages, backgrounds and occupations. “With all the buzzwords, it feels as if I’m being indoctrinated into a cult. Still, it’s a cult that gets you plenty of sex.”

Al sees Day Game as an acid test: “If you master Day Game, you’ve definitely cracked it.” More acid possibly at a feminist rally, but Al proves rather successful when he takes Rich’s advice: “Most guys take too long to approach … keep it light at first, then deep about her emotions. Ask her about her passions. Then empathise, and keep her on that point. Find that hook point where you know she’s interested.”

MannTop Norwegian mag Mann experiences Rich’s Bootcamp

“Fix yourself, then you can be yourself,” says Gambler. “I could not walk up to a girl and say ‘Hey, I’m a virgin, would you go on a date with me?’ So you have to ‘fake it till you make it.'” Gaming in Norway has an advantage and a drawback: “You have a good balance between sexes. But it’s dangerous that Scandinavians use alcohol to get the confidence to pick up women.

They’ll never get the high quality of women they can get sober.” And drunk women are prone to regrets you don’t find in daytime pickups: “It’s a much more solid base when the girl isn’t drunk when she gives you her number.” (Language tip: the Norwegian word for “tits” is “pupper” – use at your peril.)

fhm_logoGambler takes a challenge from best-selling men’s magazine FHM

When leading magazine FHM challenged Gambler, he devised this guide to picking up women in the 11 toughest situations. You will find strategies for engaging with your Boss or the seen-it-all stripper or the girl you meet by chance in the street .

There are ways to attract a beautiful lesbian or a supermodel, a co-worker or even your disillusioned ex. Lovely foreigners with a language barrier or someone who “just sees you as a friend” are other targets of his seduction acumen. This is a masterclass that gets you eleven women for the price of a good read.


musicholderRichard La Ruina interview on Seduction

NLP has benefitted Richard – he gives back with this talk on Seduction with NLP Training Expert Forums. Listen now.

soundcloudRichard La Ruina – The way of the Natural

PickUpChange were keen to share their Podcast discussion with Richard. Listen now.

yourtangoWatch Pick Up Artist Richard La Ruina Discuss PUA’s, Men & Love!

February 9, 2012 – In a special event from his publishers HarperCollins, Richard discusses Life, Men and PUA. Watch now.


Richard La Ruina: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

1st June 2014 – Contributing to Knowledge for Men was a priority for Richard. Listen now.

Talk-Radio-Europe-InterviewTalk Radio interview with Richard across Europe

Talk Radio Europe is an English speaking station in Spain which broadcasts all over Europe to 3 million listeners. They’ve interviewed Rich a number of times on the publication of his various books. Download Full Interview.

askmenAsk Men asks Richard, “How can you tell if she’s into you?”

The heat just a little bit. Introduce a little sexual tension, and see how she responds. You’re not putting it all on the line, you’re not saying, Can I kiss you. But you should be slowly, smoothly turning up the heat and seeing if she stays there with you, if she keeps the eye contact or if she starts to back off. So it’s actually more important to notice the negative signs. If the signs are positive or neutral, then she’s comfortable with the intensity it’s a clear green light.” Gambler’s Texting Rules For Sealing The Deal

When The Natural was first published across America, ran this enlightening advice from Rich. “I used to be the worst possible texter, with most of my numbers flaking. Now my text game is solid: it doesn’t ever let me down. Text game is actually pretty simple, and if you follow my rules for texting you should notice a big difference right away. If you don’t want that prized number to turn into a flake, pay attention!”

daily_motionRichard La Ruina speaks about seduction

Richard talks about seduction on Daily Motion. Watch the video here.

macleansGambler tells McCleans the exact practises that will transform your behaviour into an Alpha Male’s

McCleans is Canada’s Newsweek, and Richard is an essential part of their world events digest. In fact their article on Richard is uniquely useful because it astutely identifies the practical acts which will actually take you out of the Loser zone – just at that point when you feel you can’t take the step alone, you do find that you can try these tips out on your own.

Desensitise yourself: go to places with a high concentration of very beautiful women, like exclusive department stores. Then ask 30 random women for the time. No more than that. Then, go to Starbucks and make eye contact with a woman. “Provoke a response from her by pointing at her, waving, raising your glass, making a funny face. “It sounds stupid,” admits La Ruina, “but the results speak for themselves.” Invaluably practical.

1058px-Wikipedia-logo-v2-enWikipedia: Richard has his own page

Who Richard is, where he came from and how he ticks – you can read Wikipedia’s comprehensive conclusions right here.

nlp_interviewGambler interviewed by NLP Trainer Michael Beale

Gambler’s keen interest in and practice of NLP techniques have strongly enhanced his achievements as a Master Pick Up Artist – and informed his useful DVD set, Instant Inner Game. So he was very pleased to give this interview to top NLP Trainer Michael Beale. For Beale’s part, he was “interested in distinctions the seduction community had made about communication that have been missed by most NLP practitioners.” The talk is valuable for Rich’s comments on the snowball effect of confidence.

Also a striking description of the three successive characters a guy should become during an approach and its transitions. These are a way of introducing a structure to the conversation: Mr Sociable, Mr Comfort and Mr Seducer. As for what distinguishes Richard from other PUA Trainers? “We are teaching a wider approach. How to adjust naturally to each individual woman – not just misleading them for the sake of the short term gain of five minutes’ chat up.

askmenAskMen asks their columnist, “How do I pull on Valentine’s Day?”

Gambler is a regular expert columnist for, and this time they ask him how to avoid a loveless Festival of Love. Richard draws immediate practical answers from his training techniques. Sort out your inner attitude first; stand out by contrasting your energy level with everyone else; prepare your back-story; how to achieve confident body language. “Go out there, push yourself, and get ahead. Good luck!”

talk_about_kierenHey, Gambler: We Need to Talk About Kieran

In this 2011 feature film starring James Wilby, a bumbling young genius turns down Harvard to follow his true love to Nottingham University. Jilted there, he abandons the library to study pick-up techniques and becomes the dating genius of Nottingham. As his success soars, his life spins out of control. Can he find his way back to happiness? Cue, Gambler! Richard plays himself as a dating-guru who comments forcefully when the protagonist goes just a little too far with his seduction skills…

absolute_radioAbsolute Radio often features Richard

Richard’s is a familiar voice on Absolute Radio as a seduction expert and a love and confidence coach.

bbc_radio_essexBBC Essex Radio

Natural game is the way forward, here it all from Gambler himself on his interview with BBC Essex Radio.