Gambler interviewed by NLP Trainer Michael Beale

Gambler’s keen interest in and practice of NLP techniques have strongly enhanced his achievements as a Master Pick Up Artist – and informed his useful DVD set, Instant Inner Game.  So he was very pleased to give this interview to top NLP Trainer Michael Beale.  For Beale’s part, he was “interested in distinctions the seduction community had made about communication that have been missed by most NLP practitioners.”  The talk is valuable for Rich’s  comments on the snowball effect of confidence.  Also a striking description of the three successive characters a guy should become during an approach and its transitions.  These are a way of introducing a structure to the conversation: Mr Sociable, Mr Comfort and Mr Seducer. As for what distinguishes Richard from other PUA Trainers?  “We are teaching a wider approach. How to adjust naturally to each individual woman – not just misleading them for the sake of the short term gain of five minutes’ chat up.

Listen here:

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