Will You Be One of Only TWELVE People In The World to Attend My Exclusive Event?

On 24th November 2013, 12 guys will get the chance to join me in Central London, where I will be unveiling breakthrough new material.

This is the first workshop I’ve done in London in 3 years and it’s going to be one to remember.

I’m going to be showing you what I’ve personally been doing for the past two years to meeting incredibly high quality women. If you’ve seen my Facebook updates… then you know what i’m talking about here.

This is NOT about sleeping around.

This is about meeting girls who you want to date and have long term relationships with. So if you want a girlfriend – you want to be at this seminar.

I’m going to be making this VERY affordable because I got my start in London and want to show appreciation for you guys by giving you this material first… and doing it at a fraction of the normal price.

The cost will be only £250, which if you know how much training with me costs, you will recognise is an incredible deal.

I’m only doing this once.

If you want to learn how to meet, date, and even MARRY high quality women – then join me on November 24th.

“I’m really excited about this, I haven’t put on an event in London for literally years, and there is not another one planned after this. I’m keeping it to just twelve people so we can keep the interaction high and give everyone the best possible experience. Thanks for checking out the page, I’m looking forward to seeing you at the event!”. –Richard La Ruina

Event Details

Date: 24th Novemeber 2013
Start Time: 1pm
End Time: 6pm
Price: £250
Location: TBA, Central London

The Event Is Now SOLD OUT!